Aloe Ferox Balancing Toner – 200ml


A refreshing balancing Toner.

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Balancing Toner refreshes and cools the skin after cleansing face and neck area. It also helps to remove remaining dirt and make-up.


  1. Aloe helps improve the penetrability of the skin to absorb nutrients and moisturizers
  2. It protects the skin against dehydration
  3. This Balancing Toner does not contain alcohol.
  4. It acts as an astringent after cleansing.
  5. It closes pores of the skin.
  6. It restores pH balance of the skin.
  7. It protects the skin against bacteria and contamination.

Application – Cleanse face and neck area. Dry skin. Apply Balancing Toner lightly with round cotton pad to face and neck area. Avoid eye area.


Aloe Ferox

Aloe Ferox is an affordable range of cosmetics and wellness products made from natural plant extracts which are used to form natural skin care and health supplements. Aloe Ferox products are a natural alternative to the chemically engineered products in the mass market.

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