Phoera Matt Liquid Foundation


The liquid mousse blend is flawless and melts in with your own skin tone, leaving it with the perfect matte finish.

Its an oil-free and silicon-free formula, the texture is light and doesn't feel greasy or heavy.


We know how difficult it is to choose the best shade foundation especially online, so if you are near us please book a free full face test. If you are not near us and wish to buy the foundation, please follow our step by step, self help tips:


  1. click on the color chart - to see in which category you will be most likely be. (e.g. Fair/ Light/Medium/Tan/Rich)
  2. Then determine your undertone, meaning which is the color that is most predominant in your skin after brown and white. (e.g. pink or blue undertones)
    How to determine this? Look at areas on your body that will help like your neck or the insides of your arms or by checking the veins on the inside of your wrist,

    If the veins look bluer , you are likely to have a cool undertone.
    If the veins look  greenish, you are likely to have a warmer undertone.
    When you see both the blue and green you are likely to have a neutral undertone.

  3. Here are the undertones:
    Cool: Pink or bluish undertones
    Warm: Yellow or golden undertones
    Neutral - Mix of cool and warm undertones
  4. If these steps didn't work or your still unsure let us know and we will do our best to help.

Additional information

Phoera 101

Porcelain - fair with subtle pink undertones

Phoera 102

Nude light with subtle neutral undertones

Phoera 103

Warm Peach light with slight pink undertones

Phoera 104

Buff Beige is a light beige with slight yellow undertones.

Phoera 105

Sand is medium neutral with yellow undertones.

Phoera 106

Warm Sun is medium with slight golden undertones.

Phoera 107

Honey is medium dark with golden undertones.

Phoera 108

Tan skin with warm undertones

Phoera 109

Mocha is deep with brown undertones

Phoera 110

Truffle is deep with neutral undertones


Phoera Matte Liquid Foundation

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